MayaData Helm Repository



This chart bootstraps Kubera on a Kubernetes cluster using the Helm package manager.


Installing Kubera

helm repo add kubera https://charts.mayadata.io/
helm install kubera kubera/kubera-charts --set server.url=<http://>
helm install kubera kubera/kubera-charts -f values.yaml


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the Kubera chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
platform Choose your kubernetes platform default
type Choose your installation DOP,OpenEBS or Both both
useCustomRegistry Enable to use your custom Image registry false
imageRegistry Specify your custom Image registry registry.mayadata.io
server.dockerSecret Docker secret for pulling the images none
server.protocol http/https protocol for accessing the UI http
server.url url/IP address none
server.apiAuthAccessMode TBD unrestricted
server.serverDefaultAccessGrant Allow users to sign-up and use Director without explicit approval from admin true
server.apiUiEnabled Allow a rich API viewer true
server.setupName Name of the setup, should be set to Kubera unless requested otherwise by MayaData Kubera
server.apiAuthExternalProviderEnabled Enable OAuth one click sign-in via Google and/or GitHub true
server.apiAuthExternalProviderConfigured Specify supported authentication providers, e.g. githubconfig\,googleconfig githubconfig
server.apiAuthInternalProviderEnabled Enable local and directory authentication services true
server.apiAuthInternalProviderConfigured Types of local authentication (e.g. localAuthConfig\,adconfig ) localAuthConfig
server.apiAuthGithubClientId GitHub Oauth client-id if github external auth provider is enabled none
server.apiAuthGithubClientSecret GitHub Oauth client-secret if github external auth provider is enabled none
server.apiAuthGoogleClientId Google Oauth client-id if Google external auth provider is enabled none
server.apiAuthGoogleClientSecret Google Oauth client-secret if Google external auth provider is enabled none
server.clusterDomain TBD cluster.local
server.featureSubscriptionDisable TBD true
server.subscriptionType TBD none
server.featureBillingDisable TBD true
server.billingType TBD external
server.featureEmailDisable Email feature is disabled when users’ environment doesn’t have dedicated mail accounts of a mailserver to send out mails via Kubera true
server.senderEmailAddress bot email account at a mailserver to send out emails via this application none
server.senderEmailPassword password of the bot email account none
server.featureDocsDisable TBD false
server.docsUrl TBD https://help.mayadata.io/hc/en-us
server.featureChatBotDisable TBD true
server.slackConfigBotClientId TBD none
server.slackConfigBotClientSecret TBD none
server.slackNotificationWelcomeMessage TBD none
server.featureKialiDisable TBD true
server.featureAnalyticsDisable Disable anonymous usage data collection none
server.autoconnectLocalCluster Autoconnect host cluster to openebs director true
server.maxMemberCountInOneProject Maximum member count in one project. Some special values - 0 -> You can add as many members as you want. 1 -> You can not add any member(Disable teaming). 10
mysql.storageClass storage engine/backend for MySQL openebs-hostpath
elasticSearch.storageClass storage engine/backend for your logs storage openebs-hostpath
elasticSearch.replicas storage replication for logs 1
cassandra.storageClass storage engine/backend for Cassandra openebs-hostpath
cassandra.replicas storage replication for Cassandra 1
mayaStore.storageClass storage engine/backend for mayastore openebs-hostpath
grafana.storageClass storage engine/backend for grafana openebs-hostpath
cortex.replicationFactor TBD 1
cortex.timeout TBD 20s
alertStore.replicationFactor TBD 1


The type flag let you choose what you want to install with Kubera.
Default value is installDirector true, installOpenebs true which allows to install both components OpenEBS and Director.

- To install Openebs only --set type.installDirector=false
- To install Director only --set type.installOpenebs=false

UseCustomRegistry & ImageRegistry

The useCustomRegistry and imageRegistry flag let you use your own image registry for Kubera images.

- To use custom image registry  `--set useCustomRegistry=true`
- To provide the name of your registry install `--set imageRegistry=registry.mayadata.io`


The Platform flag let you choose which platfrom you want to intall. - Default value is for GKE, Packet - SUSE value is for SUSE Kubernetes platform

Specify each parameter using the --set key=value[,key=value] argument to helm install.

Alternatively, a YAML file that specifies the values for the parameters can be provided while installing the chart. For example,

helm install -f values.yaml .

Once DOP pods are in running state, it can be accessible from browser using NodeIp given in URL. If ingress is used as deployment then URL is given along with NodePort(Nodeip:port)

Tip: You can use the default values.yaml

Tip: Initial login credentails for Administrator. Username: Administrator Password: password